Studies 2 replicated the essential design of Investigation step one which have 64 Conservative and you will 32 Orthodox Jewish children

Nucci, Larry and Elliot Turiel. 1993. “God’s Keyword, Religious Guidelines, in addition to their Reference to Religious and Jewish Children’s Concepts off Morality.” Boy Invention vol. 64, pp. 1475-1491. Abstract: Inside the Studies step one, 64 Amish-Mennonite students (old ten, a dozen, fourteen, and you will sixteen yrs) was in fact expected to check cuatro ethical and eight nonmoral religious statutes regarding rule alterability, generalizability, and you may whether or not the condition of your serves are contingent to the word-of Goodness. Since the a second aspect of Investigation step one, 64 decades-matched Dutch Reform Calvinist college students were questioned to choose whether God’s purchases could make a poor act ethically best. Ss differentiated ranging from moral and nonmoral spiritual affairs. Ethical statutes and several nonmoral laws was basically named nonalterable by the spiritual bodies. The brand new updates regarding ethical ( not nonmoral) serves are general so you can members outside of the faith and you will wasn’t seen as contingent to your lives off statements regarding Jesus. Judgments away from moral points was basically rationalized with regards to fairness and you can individual passion considerations; nonmoral circumstances was examined with regards to its normative condition. [Source: PI]

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Good qualitative look framework try working and you can studies range contained a questionnaire as well as 2 interviews with every of your own five participants

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Studies were planned to five major themes: intellectual words of your own moral wisdom techniques, trust expressions of moral wisdom processes, religious tips, expressions off people throughout the ethical wisdom processes, and holistic words of your moral view procedure

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Schneider, Jim D. 1991. “Flexibility inside the Ethical View one of Bible Pupils.” Meters.Ed. Thesis, University away from Alberta (Canada), Edmonton. Abstract: The entire objective of the investment would be to talk about the type out-of liberty within the ethical judgments since it is knowledgeable from the college-aged childhood raised within a traditional evangelical ecosystem. Participants showed individuals degrees of self-reliance in the ethical judgment procedure, reinforcing the thought of the brand new developmental characteristics out of freedom. Typically, the statements was very reflective from Petrovich’s (1986) definition of liberty since a work off willful behavior. [Source: DA]